Frequently Asked Questions

What to do to prepare for a hurricane?

Here are a few basic recommendations. For a more detailed list click here.

  • Purchase four (2 1/2 gallon) jugs of liquid chlorine from your local pool supply store. Following the storm, we recommend adding 2 jugs into your pool every other day. Please note that it is okay to add chlorine into a salt system pool. Just following the storm, our pool technicians may not be able to make it out on their normal scheduled day. However, we would only anticipate a delay of 3-5 days before the first visit.
  • Turn your pool system off by the main pool breaker before the storm. This is generally located in your garage panel or on the side of your house. After the storm, please turn your pool system back on unless there is visible damage to your pool equipment.
  • Do not store your patio furniture inside your pool as this will damage and scratch your pools surface.
  • It is safe to leave your automatic cleaner in your pool as the weight of the water will keep it from blowing away.
  • We do not recommend draining your pool down.

It's after office hours and I'm having equipment issues - what should I do?

In case of an after hours emergency, we recommend shutting your pool equipment off by the breaker and leaving our office a voicemail. A representative will contact you as quickly as possible.